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VoIP for Business Case Studies & Testimonials

TDS VoIP solutions have helped thousands of customers streamline their phone and internet into a business VoIP phone service solution that increased their mobility, flexibility, customer service and productivity. Read more about our VoIP for Business Testimonials below.

Education & Government

  • Whitnall School District - TDS Hosted VoIP improves safety and communications for Whitnall School District.
  • City of Kenosha - TDS managedIP Hosted helped bring the City of Kenosha, WI's communications into the 21st Century.
  • Williston, SC Schools - a rural school district whose old phone system was struck by lightning and switched to TDS managedIP Hosted, a VoIP solution they believed was only used at larger districts or districts with more money. They are worry-free knowing in the event of a disaster, the district would be back up and running as everything is housed in a separate data center at TDS.
  • Hillsboro-Deering, NH Schools - A New Hampshire school district with an antiquated Nortel phone system switched to TDS managedIP Hosted, a system eligible for E-Rate funding. Teachers are no longer receiving stacks of message slips from parents. The VoIP system has opened the line of communication with direct phone access and voice mail, allowing teachers to respond more quickly.
  • College Prep Elementary - College Prep Elementary Charter School in St. Paul, MN uses managedIP Hosted to operate more efficiently. The responsiveness of the TDS staff and fact that the system is eligible for the E-Rate program helped make the choice for managedIP Hosted even easier.
  • Monticello, WI Schools - Learn how Monticello Schools leveraged TDS managedIP hosted VoIP phone for business to streamline communications and simplify everyday tasks.


  • Danna Insurance Agency - TDS managedIP Hosted helped Danna Insurance Agency move forward. The transition was smooth & the set-up was easy on the hosted Voice over IP solution.
  • Flagship Insurance Group - TDS managedIP Hosted helps Flagship Insurance Group grow their business through increased mobility and improved customer service.
  • McClone Insurance Group - Upgraded entire system to TDS Business VoIP phone service at a very affordable rate with no need to hire an IT specialist – no hidden costs – no future expenses!

Legal & Financial

  • Fiduciary Partners - Better control over system delivering consistent high-quality customer service with our VoIP phone for business solution.
  • Knoke & Ingrebritsen Law Office - Being an attorney is about communicating with the clients and being accessible. Knoke & Ingrebritsen Law Office is saving hours in a week as a result of the integration of their computer and phone, allowing them to better serve their clients.

Manufacturing & Distribution

  • Campbell Hausfeld - An archaic phone system is no longer dragging down Campbell Hausfeld in Mt. Juliet, TN - TDS managedIP Hosted gives them a worry-free system that has disaster recovery options, flexibility and quick access to make changes via an online portal.
  • Cuddeback Digital - TDS managedIP hosted VoIP phone for business systems change the way they do business.

Medical & Healthcare

  • Ear Nose & Throat Surgical Association - Improved communications (internally & externally) resulting in greater productivity and efficiencies.
  • NAMI Michigan - NAMI Michigan describes how easy it was to get up and running with TDS managedIP and their favorite product features. They love the great sound of the HD Phones, the Auto Attendant and remote features.

Restaurants & Retail

  • Hell’s Kitchen - Customized ring sequence eliminates call hold times, providing better customer service and improved employee productivity.
  • Kutter Harley Davidson - Wisconsin's premier Harley-Davidson and Buell Motorcycle dealer talks about how it uses TDS managedIP hosted and how the VoIP phone for business system made a positive impact on their business.


  • 6AM Marketing - Investing in the agency rather than a new phone system - managedIP hosted offers no major capital expense – Big deal for Small business!
  • Autoworks of Knoxville TN - TDS managedIP Hosted has been a good addition to Autoworks of Knoxville, TN. Customers always get through and business is running smoothly. Autoworks is getting all the calls they need and their customers aren't leaving to go anywhere else with better service and call quality.
  • Career Professionals - TDS managedIP hosted and the Receptionist Tool is easy to use and carries forth a professional company image.
  • CHIPS Computer Services - Call Log, Click-to-Dial, and Simultaneous Ring provide employees greater mobility, flexibility, and productivity – Result: more professional image for the business.
  • Converged Network Solutions - Converged Network Solutions in Lansing, Michigan describes how TDS' managedIP VoIP phone for business solution is making their lives easier & more productive. They love how reliable the system has been for them.
  • Jade Logistics - Jade Logistics a freight management company in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, explains how managedIP Hosted provided them growth opportunities. Simplicity, mobility and ease of use were key benefits that make the system ideal for them.
  • Minnetonka Travel - TDS managedIP hosted allows the employees to provide consistent quality care and customers comment about the call clarity. It’s fun to like a product!
  • Window Design Center - In a sales environment, there’s never been a way to measure the number of sales lost because of a poor communications system. With TDS’ managedIP service, Windows Design Center is confident that their communication with a customer is consistent and clear. No more missed calls, increased sales opportunities and one employee freed up to focus on their business rather than their phone system.

Sports & Entertainment

  • i105.3FM WFIV - Versatility of managedIP hosted has helped the office save money and become more efficient. Greater availability to customers means more sales.
  • Pettit National Ice Center - The Pettit National Ice Center, a U.S. Olympic Training Facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, discusses how it uses TDS managedIP hosted.