Simplifying your business with VoIP, Phone, Internet & Managed Services.

TDS managedIP Hosted for Schools & Libraries

Schools and public libraries across the country are choosing TDS managedIP Hosted as their VoIP solution. The converged voice and data service is changing the way they work and communicate - without an upfront capital cost. It's the ultimate all-inclusive business communications tool - Polycom High Definition VoIP phones, data network, phone services, Internet access and security, all fully managed for one flat-rate fee.

VoIP Product Highlights

  • Gain control over your communications and budget - Move phones between offices and classrooms yourself, and avoid vendor delays and unplanned maintenance charges.
  • Connect better with parents - Stay accessible with simultaneous rings on multiple devices, and prioritize emails and voice mails via .wav files in a single inbox.
  • Communicate remotely in a weather emergency - Easily route calls to another number from home.